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Testosterone: The Accelerator

Testosterone: The Accelerator

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TestosteroneTestosterone is another hormone which regulates the production of fat and muscle.

Specifically, it builds lean muscle,

and burns fat rapidly. Testosterone changes your body shape into the shape you want it to look like.

This hormone is created in the testes, adrenal glands and in the ovaries. It is a fat-burning hormone.

It increases mental and physical energy. For men, lack of it will feel like a visible mental fogginess, lack of motivation.

A Few Things Which Increase And Decrease Testosterone:

  • Sleep (REM dream) increases nocturnal testosterone levels.
  • Similar to growth hormone, resistance training increases testosterone levels (however, prolonged strain of any kind, especially endurance exercise like marathon running, decreases testosterone!)
  • Lowered oxygen levels in the body reduce testosterone levels.
  • Zinc deficiency lowers testosterone levels (but over- supplementation has no effect on serum testosterone.)
  • Acute depression decreases testosterone levels.
  • Cortisol reduces testosterone.

Similar To Growth Hormone

The above list looks very similar to what increases human growth hormone (HGH). This is because testosterone follows where human growth hormone (HGH) goes.

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