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Ghrelin: “The Hunger Hormone”…

Ghrelin: “The Hunger Hormone”…

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youth_hunger_500x279Ghrelin is the opposite hormone to leptin.

It does not directly cause your body to store fat.

But it causes enough problems with weight loss and self-control.

Ghrelin is a hormone created and released by the stomach. It’s probably the reason why appetite suppressants are created in the first place.

It is called the hunger hormone because it sends the signal to your brain that you need to eat.

If this hormone is increased, you will feel hungrier. If it is decreased, you will not feel as hungry, regardless of how much food you actually have in your stomach.

Causes of Increase and Decrease

Believe it or not, it is sleep.

Medical scientists from Stanford and other universities found people who consistently slept five hours or less per night had on average about 15% more Ghrelin and 15% less leptin levels than those who slept 8-hour nights.

They also demonstrated the less you sleep, the more you weigh, and the higher your BMI, which means the higher your likelihood of premature death from any cause.

With high levels of “The Hunger Hormone”, you can eat and never feel satiated

When I hear my clients talk about cravings for food, I ask how much sleep they get.

The answer is always something like, “Sleep? What is this thing you speak of?”

So if you are trying hard to eat right but find it very difficult because you experience bouts of voracious appetite, there’s nothing wrong with your willpower.

In fact, I am anti-willpower when it comes to weight loss.

The cause is Ghrelin and the cause for the increase for Ghrelin is lack of sleep.

Find a way to solve those two things and you will see a reduction in appetite.

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