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Fat Burning Block #2 – Can’t Use All Your Stored Cell Energy

Fat Burning Block #2 – Can’t Use All Your Stored Cell Energy

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roadblockThe second “Fat Burning Roadblock” comes from the opposite end. It comes from your cells blocking their stored energy from being used. Let me explain…

Your Rechargeable Battery

You plug your phone into a charger at the end of the day when the batteries are depleted. In the morning the batteries are charged.

In almost all cases you are able to use your cell phone all day. At the end of the day the batteries are either depleted or almost depleted. Then you charge it overnight.

The Blockage Of Energy Release

Now imagine if your cell phone batteries are blocked from releasing all the charge. Imagine it only allows 10 percent of the charge to be used.

This means you will run out of energy in a tenth of the time. This means you have to charge your batteries constantly. Even if there is still charge in the battery, if it cannot be used, then  it might as well be empty. So throughout the day, you have a phone that keeps needing to be charged.

The same thing happens with your body. Your food is turned to stored energy. It is stored in the cells. If your cells block the stored energy from being used, you will have the same problem as the cell phone battery. It will constantly need to be recharged or it will not function! So you feel hungry and tired constantly.

A Cellphone Battery Does Not Store Fat Your Body Does

When your batteries are fully charged, that’s it. Nothing more will happen. Your body is different. Unlike your battery, if you do not stop charging it after it is full, the extra energy from the charging will be stored as body fat.

Because your body is more “intelligent” than a simple battery, it will try to store as much energy as possible. A cell phone battery will just stop storing. Your body is trying to be safe so it thinks, “Save as much as possible! We seem to keep running out!”

When Your Body Does Not Release Energy, More Fat Is Stored

Because there is a block on how much energy in the battery is used, a much smaller amount of energy is needed to fill up the batteries.

This means the battery needs to be charged more frequently and with smaller charges. If you waited too long to charge it, no more energy will come out of the battery. If you charge it too long, body fat will be stored.

What Is Supposed To Happen?

If the batteries were able to release all the stored energy, three things would occur: 

  1. You would have energy for much longer periods of time. This is because instead of a tenth of the energy being available, 100 percent is available.
  2. If you have a fully depleted battery, more (if not all) of the food you eat will go into the battery as stored cell energy rather than getting stored as body fat.
  3. If there was a more need for energy storage in your cells than what your food provided, your body will start to convert your body fat to stored cell energy.

The Missing Link

  • So when you look at diet and exercise advice, they seem to keep talking about “calories in and calories out.”
  • They only look at getting less food in (charging the battery less) and using up your stored cell energy up faster (more intense exercise).
  • It does not take into account any problem with your cells batteries being blocked from releasing all the stored energy in the first place.
  • People today, people who cannot lose fat, cannot do so because the batteries in their cells are blocked from using all the stored energy stored inside.
  • If a person has this block, diet and exercise will just cause the small and limited available energy to be used faster and replaced more frequently! This is why many of you get fatter when you workout and get super hungry.

This is Fat Burning Roadblock #2


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